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    The build at the beginning of this thread is using an Electra kids bike. They use a different style bottom bracket and a one piece crank. The adult models use a threaded bottom bracket which is what you want

    We need to know more about the particular bike you want to convert


      Thanks for the Feedback Optimus Prime.
      I saw two threads on Electra builds but they were both standard frames with BBSHD's, gut says the BBS02 would not need to dimple the frame because it has a smaller diameter motor housing.

      No, I don't have the Electra bike, we are currently considering frame choices/options. This build is for my bride who has a bum foot (chronic stress fracture) but still wants to ride. She has a relatively new Trek Shift2 comfort hybrid. This ride would be for recreation so commute length/ride weight etc. are not as important as ride comfort and of course style and the Electra is a classic beach cruiser...and it needs a front basket for her pup...of course.

      I was looking at the Electra Cruiser to simplify the build (7spd and an inside the frame motor setup) and just sell the Shift2. So I borrowed a friends Electra 3sp this weekend for her to test ride and do some measurements. I think the BBS02 would fit inside the frame well, but.... it has a single piece crank with press fit bearings so would need to pull them and install a BB adapter (so much for an easier build), and would also need to add a rear rack or something to hang the battery on after setting her seat height on the test ride (was thinking I could do the mini cube in a saddle bag). Think we're back to hanging onto the Shift2 and slinging the motor under the downtube and suing a bottle style battery.

      I do think the Electra 7 step thru would be a nice looking beach build if you could stuff the motor inside the frame and find a good place to hang a battery...might even get to do her friends Electra 3 spd next if I can get the brides ride worked out. Note: We looked at a few year old Electra 7sp this weekend, it had the 1 piece crank, though the current Electra book shows a 3 piece on the 7sp so they must have transitioned in the last couple of years.

      The Trek Shift2 step thru frame w/ 21sp, has SRAM twist grip shifters and a bastard drive setup unfortunately, Shimano front derailleur(which would go away), SRAM X3 rear de, KMC "Z" narrow chain and "Megadrive Superlow" cassette(34T-14T). I PRESUME I can use the rear drive and chain...more questions. On to the next thread.
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        Turns out I have a Trek shift mens frame and I can tell you that would be a great choice for her. The bottom bracket is 73mm so the BBSO2 will fit. That 34T rear cog will be great for keeping the motor rpm's in a good range. Im not a fan of under top tube mounts because every bump is trying to tear the battery from its mount. So if you go that route be sure to add extra support, those little tiny tabs are easy to crack.
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