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Montague Paratrooper BBSHD, issues before starting

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    Thanks, I also like that it doesn't really look like an ebike. I have some camo green velcro to match the backpack so the bungee cord will disappear. I replaced the fixed head set with an adjustable angled one and the new handlebars.... I think I need a spacer because when the headset slides on it is just the same height as the top of the shocks so when i tighten the top cap it is still loose.Click image for larger version

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      Ahhh yes headset spacers. Yes there is no standard for the height of anything there. You should be able to buy an assortment of spacers, I think the set I found was around $10 and had maybe 5 different sizes. I don't remember the size but maybe 1 1/4" electrical conduit locknut is close enough to get you by if you are in a hurry. You can get those at home depot sorts of places.

      The idea is you get enough spacers so either the stem or the top spacer is like 1-3mm higher than the fork tube. With the stem bolts not tight you snug up that center cap bolt a bit to put tension on the bearings. Snug up the stem bolts then grab the front brake and give it a rock and see if you feel any movement.


        Wednesday amazon should be delivering me a set of aluminum spacers in black. If the weather wasn't rainy I thought of swapping the headsets but no point I need to play around with the bike when the ground is dry. I accidentally started off in pedal assist 3 and bike took off like a rocket down my driveway lol... wasn't expecting to hit about 18 kph in that short a distance lol. Need to change it to imperial and might lock the max speed at 20 I don't need to be on trails going that fast lol... 8-12mph is more my nice moseying pace lol


          Try setting your assist steps to 9. Most of the displays seem to let you do that. Default is 5. Doesn't change the max or minimum just gives you smaller steps. Several of us have discovered that option and really think it makes the bike much more enjoyable if you are not in a hurry all the time. Its called different things on different displays but look for something like boost or assist that is now on 5 (or maybe 3?). 3,5,9 seem to be the options. Some its under the more or advanced menu that takes a password. Password always seems to be a combination of 1's and 9's. If you know where yours came from you can search that name and maybe save the time of trying all the different combos. 1919, 1199, 9911, 9119, 1991 seem to be the more popular ones. That is also where the tire size setting is on some of them so you can change that too to make your speed more accurate. They seem to assume fairy fat tires so I would start with something at least one size down from what you are actually running then go look for a speed trap sign or someone with a gps.

          To get to the settings you usually use the mode button that changes odometer or max speed sort of thing. Either click it fast twice or hold it.


            Spacer's arrived early today, I added a 2 mm spacer under the new headset and just lightly tightening the center cap bolt, and I felt it pull itself back together properly. Didn't over torque them and now the looseness is gone. The weatherman say it "should be" sunny this afternoon I want to make the changes for pedal assist and go for a little ride. Thanks'


              Spacers came and that quickly resolved the loose head problem. It seems their is different versions of the C18 display. Mine only has the 5 levels of peddle assist but I have been getting used to it the last few days the weather has been really nice. I picked up an ip65 rated 12 volt connector so I can still use my rack to hold the bike up. I ordered a pair of ROK motorcycle luggage straps in matching army green.

              My battery bag has a few tools and has a spot for a water bottle so good for next year when I build myself up to more distance. Did 8.2 miles mostly flat but some hills mostly in peddle assist one, if I am off road I bump it to 2 or 3 and no hill has been a struggle, chugging along at 10-12mph happy as can be. Before I converted it, 1.2 miles and I would have a GERD attack and be done for a while. My legs are kind of sore right now because it is a lot more of a work out then they have had in the last year. I have to admit I was worried if i wasted a lot of money on an ebike and I was so wrong lol.

              I accidentally popped a wheelie trying to cross a road that was a surprise lol. I spoke with a few other ebikers today and they were impressed and thought it was a 5 or 6K bike lol. I will be dreading the coming winter because they say its going to be cold white and wet in my area but spring will come...and maybe try me out some of that Tannus Armour.


                I thought I read here that all the color displays can be changed to 9 steps. I don't remember who said it or where but its good you got it going and got some riding in. Don't be afraid to use some throttle only when no one is looking. Can really help rest the legs till you get used to it. I'm not planning on stopping for snow. We did have a cold snap and I got out a couple times which was good practice and testing for winter gear. I got a few pieces and a few more on the way so I think I will be good to the teens which is all I'm planning at this point.


                  When the weather starts to turn I have the usb cable connector to get into the programming...I wonder if that is where the software change is. I saw 2 different video's both under 2yo one shows up to 9 levels of peddle assist and then another video (which is like mine) when they went into setup it didn't show Peddle assist. I did try something that gave me a feel of the power of the motor. I was in a park and there were a set of 4 stone steps to get to the level where bee hives were, on either side of the stairs was about a 3' tall steep grassy hill. I popped it to peddle assist 3 got about 1 whole peddle revolution and the motor kicked in and I was right up and over that steep hill on top and I know if I had to peddle it I would have needed a running start to even try it.

                  7 years back this month my dad passed and I ended up having to move in with my mom because the property is too large and when it snowed I would get called in at 6am for snow removal at work, then drive 20 minutes to my moms to clear her place then 20 minutes home go back to sleep and work 2pm to 11pm... just made sense to move in to take care of things (and have access to a garage space. So living back in the neighborhood that I lived in as a child the first few bike rides I took it felt kind of weard riding the same streets 40 some years ago. After I finished the conversion, I took my first ride around home, did my normal route I peddled when it was a bike, and started going further. Well my best friend from back in elementary school lived at the top of a real steep hill that yeah I did it when I was 12 or 13yo but now I am 53 lol. I put it into peddle assist 2, was in the second from smallest rear gear and I went up that hill at right around 10mph and I wasn't working that hard to do it...I definitely couldn't have done it like that without the mid drive.

                  I did notice a different in power consumption when I was riding in wet grass and mud vs dry trails but the 52v 23.8 amp battery is more then big enough for my hour ride. I look forward to next year when I build my legs up so they are doing more of the work to increase range.

                  I tried some peddling in peddle assist 0. I moved up to the next largest gear (#3) and peddling it without power it felt about the same as when I was riding it as a bike in small gear #2.

                  And I can see the addiction factor lol... the next build will be a fat tire bike. I tried peddling in the sand yesterday and well that didn't work out too well, and felt better when I saw a younger teen with a mountain bike tried the same trail and got about as far as I did before turning around. I like the look of the "80's era mini bikes". So heading out soon for another ride.

                  Thank you and hope you get to enjoy the day too
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                    I have not been in my old neighborhood much, just getting to it from where I am now makes for a pretty good ride on its own but just the feel of being out and riding around town again is great. A couple days ago I did do part of a ride in an area close to my old house and it was a little depressing. I'm sure they have done some work to the park and trails in the 25 years since I was last there but it sure didn't seem like it. Very overgrown and many of the dirt trails were smoother than the paved ones.