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Rockrider ST530 + BBSHD

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    It's looking good! How does it ride?


      Could not try it for more than 10mins, the weather is utterly bad (raining pretty much non stop) and i don't want to offer a dirty bike ! :)

      But from what i tested it's pretty good, the stock fork is not really good, so i might change that in the futur by a good entry level air fork.

      Here is the bike pratically finished, only missing some small accessories (light, bottle holder, better grip, etc), i could not fit the stock wired bead tires tubeless tho, so i will change them when these ones are dead.

      Click image for larger version

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        Looks good. Is that a splash guard on the down tube? Just there to help hide wires? Looks like you were able to find the L (long) version of those fenders. I saw them listed but no one had any stock when I was looking so I have the regular which end just past the seat stay. I'm not sure I would have had the clearance to run all the way to the BB anyway. Its also nice that your fork brace is on the back, that gets the end of the front fender nice and low so you may not need an extra mud flap.

        Did you end up with the HD or an 02? Can't wait to hear the full ride report including how the gearing feels. My 29er's have had 11-36/42 and been fine since I use them mostly for pavement. I just did some work on my 26x4 bike to convert it from a 3 speed IGH to 11-42/42. Have not had time to test it yet but I'm hoping its going to have some climbing power with that 1:1 drive and you have a few more teeth on me.


          Yeah it is the X Guard from SKS, all the cables are on the non drive side, so you can't see them, but they are still visible :p
          Yeah i found them on Bike24 (german website) but they are available everywhere in europe, idk about ther rest of the world tho !
          The rear fenders are touching both the chain stays and the seat stays, i just squeezed them in a little and used some spacers so it stays in place, also used both chain stay and seat stay mount (had to drill the fender to use the adapter to mount it on the seat stay, see the pictures below).
          The forks will be changed, they are pretty bad, you can only tune the compression with a sort of kg meter on it (so you choose you wheight, but it does not do much honestly).

          I ended up with BBS02B 48V 750W and from my quick test i did to brake in the brake pads, honestly more would be overkill in my opinion, i will see when i can test it when the weither is nicer, since it's pretty hilly over here, i'll get a pretty good test i think !
          As gearing i have a 42T chainring from PriceAlps (same as lekkie and others) with a good offset (which is also why i choose the BBS02B over the BBSHD) and an 11-42T cassette, should be good enough for what he is going to do, which is mostly small roads and fire roads, my father is 60 and i don't think he'll send it on gnarly trails ;D !

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            Today i was able to finally test the bike, 20kms with 600m uphill.

            The motor is insane, i basically only really pushed it in small trails/singletrack with rocks and roots and it just goes up everything, it's insane. On the downhill the bike is so heavy that the line does not really matter, it just goes thru pretty much everyting, i think i'll put a dropper post on it to make going downhill easier !

            Here is a pic of today's ride with snowy Mont Ventoux in the back ground for those who know :
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              Hi bezen
              I have a question, i've got the same st 530 that i want to convert
              I will also buy the bbs02b 750w but I don't know what to get the 68-73mm or the 100mm one

              Please respond
              Thank you