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BBS02 battery build advice needed

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    BBS02 battery build advice needed

    ​Awaiting delivery on a Bafang stock BBS02 for my wife's bike. Will be building a battery pack 4P/13S using Samsung 30Q 18650 cells. Not interested in speeds over 20 miles per hour, which I believe can be limited in the LCD control? The pack will be build for distance rather than speed for this older adult.

    The question I have is what kind of amps will the Bafang pull on the pack if we use the throttle on occasion? Trying to match nickel strip thickness for the Samsung 30Q batteries for the maximum draw the Bafang would pull for a throttle acceleration when needed occasionally. Cadence sensor with speed setting would be the main mode of assist so we get the distance. Average speed of 15 mph is what we find best on the trails. No hilly terrain so that is not a consideration. Senior citizens here not looking to shred the trails or outrun the law.

    Will pure nickel 0.3mmx8mm nickel for spot welds work ?


    I believe the BBS02 maxes out at 25 amps.