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TSDZ2 on 2020 specialized rockhopper 27.5

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    TSDZ2 on 2020 specialized rockhopper 27.5

    I have a 2020 specialized rockhopper elite 27.5 with bottom bracket size Square-tapered, 73mm. Hoping to install a TSDZ2. Just have a couple questions

    1. I was told installing mid drive on this bike will run into chain stay problems. Will upgrading to 30T chain ring help?
    2. With 73mm bottom bracket, do I just get the 68-73mm? Will getting the extention help with chain stay problems.?
    3. If I don't plan to use throttle, worth it to get the Temperature Sensor upgrade. It's extra $75
    4. Having hydraulic brakes. Does that mean ebrake won't be compatible?
    5. What connector adapter do I need for the TSDZ2, plan to get a UPP battery from ebay. Not sure which kind I need to connect them.
    6. What tools do I need to remove the bottom bracket
    7.any other tool I need? I suck at soldering btw.
    8.anything I should be aware of?

    Nyebike111, did you ever move forward with your build? If so, how did it go?