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Converting a road bike to an e-bike

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    Converting a road bike to an e-bike

    I'm looking to convert my wife's road bike to an e-bike to give her a bit of a boost, so she can go on faster rides with our group. The bike is a Superior road elite:
    Is it possible to build a bike that rides somewhat like the prebuilt e-bikes? Things like good pedal assist, low friction, simply making the bike feel as normal as possible. From what I've seen, most of the road bikes have a rear hub motor, something like a Bafang h600 with not much power. The problem is I can't find anything similar for sale online? Did bafang stop selling directly to the customers? Are there any nice hub kits with good pedal assist?

    It won't take a lot of power to do what you want. Be sure and factor in the length of ride required. A long out and back trip is different than a commute where the battery can be recharged mid way.
    I would avoid the TSDZ2 mid drive. Too many reliability issues. The one speed nature of hub motors means you have to find one with he RPM range you need. Geared motors are not silent and may not be what you want for riding in a group of pedal bike users. I'm not a hub motor guy myself, so I can't be more specific but these are the questions you need answers to.
    The assist should allow running wider softer tires with more tread pattern. Schwalbe makes many of this type with reflective sidewalls for safety.

    You might look at the Luna Stealth Fixie (wich has belt drive and 3 speed IGH).
    Only available in large size right now. You couldn't do the tire and brake upgrade, plus the hub motor conversion for what's offered there.
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