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bike chainring for conversion

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    bike chainring for conversion

    was going to do my second ebike conversion using another bbs02 and the below bike. i was almost going to get the 48t chain ring until i saw on the specs the teeth count is 44 on the stock bike. should i keep it the same or can i go with the 48T with stock chain? if 48T would that require a new chain ? what about 46T?

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    CASSETTE Brand: Shimano Teeth Count: 14, 16, 18, 20, 22, 24, & 28
    CRANKSET Crank Material: Steel Crank Arm Length: 165mm or 6.5"in Teeth Count: 44

    With a 28 in the back you would usually want to go as small as is practical in the front unless you are going for a very high speed setup.

    Based on the specs you gave and that you are going with an 02 it doesn't sound like you are going for a high performance setup so I would say go with the size that gives you the best fit for the chain line.
    I'm not really up on the options for the BBS02 but I think there are a few different offsets. Since the stock ring is a 44 its possible that the frame kicks out suddenly so a 48 may not fit. You don't want to have to space the ring out because that starts to effect the chain line and ability to use the lower gears.