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Battery / Motor Combo Question

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    Battery / Motor Combo Question

    I'm sourcing parts for my first ebike build right now, and had a couple questions I was hoping someone that has done this before could answer...

    I was looking at doing a setup with a 48v 1000w rear drive kit and a 48v 12.5ah battery, but am having trouble finding parts in stock in the US with my tire size (700c). I ran across a kit on Amazon that is 1500 watts, but I really am not looking for that kind of power (or to spend the kind of money needed for the battery to run it). My question is, are there setting I can configure to just have the 1500w (in stock) conversion kit run at less than 1000w so I can use the smaller/cheaper battery? I am also curious if anyone has experience with the quality of these particular suppliers/brands?

    Conversion Kit:


    I would not worry too much about the motor power. If you thought you needed 250w and were going to 1500 that would be something but especially since this isn't one of the really well known brands I doubt its really as powerful as they are advertising. For a whole kit including a wheel that is really cheap and not being a big more know brand like Bafang most of what you are getting is also likely about as cheap quality wise as it can get.

    For programming I have no idea what can or can't be done with that kit. In the Bafang world which is what many of is here live in many of the displays can be set to 9 pedal assist steps so you really have fine control over how much pedal assist you get so if you are really trying to extend your range you just set a very low assist level. Most of the Bafang controllers also have a USB cable available and a PC app that lets you go in and further tweak settings. Again no idea if the one you are looking at has any of those options. Many seem to have only 3 settings, eco, normal, or turbo. You could hope eco works for you but if it doesn't not much you can do about it.