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Selecting rear wheel kit - with out battery

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    Selecting rear wheel kit - with out battery

    I have $600.00 to spend and need some thoughts what you would buy for you self.
    I will be riding to get me back in to bicycling as I was when I was a pup (60 Now)
    I loved long rides out all day
    I will not be installing a throttle as I want pedal assist only and i expect to travel 10-15mph
    I live in Rensselaer Indian - flat lands.
    I will be not doing any off road, I am 60 don't want to break a hip

    I have been looking at 36v kits with a 500w motor, but I believe I would get more mileage with a 48v system, but when I go to a 48v kit I am only finding 1000w motors (will this decrease my mileage)

    Thank you for any help you can give me.

    The motor only consumes what the controller commands so only downside to higher power motor if same voltage battery would be that it's heavier - OTOH if the power is higher due to higher voltage battery no downside at all and you are thinking right that 48V is better way to go for efficiency, capacity, etc. - personally even for low power operation (I typically only burn 150-350W, but still nice to have a lot more at times tho) I wouldn't go less than 48V but that's just me...

    Might be nice to consider a controller that gives access to the control parameters and then you can tweak it how you like

    10-15mph is very typical electric bike speeds - if no hills then a hub drive can do the job and if no off-road then the very high weigh of the wheel is far less a concern at least for riding - it's still a much greater pain to do any maintenance on (including tires) however - a hub will also have less than thrilling acceleration at low speeds


      Well I have thought my self out of the hub motor, I will be going with a Mid Mount motor. Thank you for the information


        If you ride casually a hub works fine but if you ride a lot and are cozy managing the gears (you *must* manage gears with a mid) then most folks will prefer the mid

        I started with a hub but it wasn't long before I knew I'd end up with a mid

        FWIW I'm the same age and disabled (one leg)