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BBS02 Gear sensor tap or 1 brake sensor

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    BBS02 Gear sensor tap or 1 brake sensor

    Putting together my BBS02 build and noticed there is not dedicated plug for the gear sensor. Looks like this the same plug type as brake sensors

    Do I "tap" into a brake sensor (if so does anyone have wiring directions), or do I just use 1 brake sensor (99% of the time I apply both brakes at the same time) and the other plug for gear sensor

    You can get a Y connector. Just search for Bafang Y adapter.
    Most of us laughed at another option, the green "stop" button. But I'm actually liking it. I put one on my guest bike and decided to add one to my primary rider for a few weeks to see how I like it. Not a good choice for MTB. But for plat street riding and committing, I actually like it.