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170 mm, 14/10mm axle on Robust Cargo Hub

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    170 mm, 14/10mm axle on Robust Cargo Hub

    I am trying to find a good option for an internal geared hub in 170mm that has a splined (NOT threaded) cog interface. Or a single speed with a cassette freehub in 170mm X 14/10mm step-down axle (you know the ones that are flattened down to fit into a standard dropout).
    I would be so grateful if anyone can point me to a hub other than the Sturmey offerings, the Karasawa, or the Enviolo? It would be attached to a 750W Bafang mid-mount motor and it hauls sometimes over 700lbs.


    Greetings and welcome to the forum. You wrote, "flattened down to fit into a standard dropout", so I'm not sure if the Rohloff XL (10mm round axle or a real long skewer, 170mm O.L.D. dropout spacing, splined cog) would suit your need. But maybe, if you can bear the price pain?

    The Kindernay hubs are only available thru-axle (I think) at 170mm O.L.D., so they're out.
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      Thank you ncmired! I never knew Kindernay existed and I love the swap cage idea, I was just thinking about this today! The price is quite prohibitive, but it's an awesome goal to work towards. I would greatly appreciate anything more in the hundreds of dollars range but that can handle high torque. Single-speed bolt-on cassette freehubs like Surley makes are interesting, but I cannot find any in bolt-on 170mm with the 12mm-10mm stepped down axles.

      P.S. Does your tally of bike builds include building the wheels yourself by hand? I like your portfolio signature!
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        Yep, the IGH hubs at that width are groanfully expensive - there's the SE Bikes Fat Ripper Rear Hub, and it's splined, but round axle.

        Also, in any case, 700lbs+ pounds tugged by a BBS, on a 10mm (even hardened solid) axle would make me nervous. Hopefully most of that weight is up front. I'm trying to remember how big around the rear axles on my smaller motorcycles were - 14mm maybe? AZguy, any thoughts?
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          I like that hub

          This is too far out of my wheelhouse that I think I'll lurk ;-}

          I do think 700lbs is tough and in that situation I'd likely be looking at Rohloff's as best solution, especially for 170mm dropout, but again, no hands on here

        Thank you for the recommendation on the fat ripper hub. We're using 14mm axles that are machined to 10mm at the dropouts. I like the 12-10mm step-down axle on the Enviolo Extreme, but they are only 140 and gearbox.

        Might you know what type of grease would be best to lube the internals in the SA 3sp? The shimano works well, but it's ungodly expensive. I had played with thinning down a grease with heavy oil. I could duplicate the viscosity of the Shimano grease consistently due to meticulous measurement.

        I think that an NLGI #0 or 00 would be the correct viscosity. Any suggestions?
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          Apologies, can't help on the lubrication recs - maybe like with the Alfine/Nexus, an ATF fluid dip?
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            Thank you AZ guy and ncmired. You are so welcoming and patient, and above all knowledgeable.


              You're welcome, sir - if you get a chance please post a short blurb on your completed build.
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