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Looking for advice on how to build battery pack

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    Looking for advice on how to build battery pack


    New to the EV world here and am looking for advice on how to build a battery pack for a 35kw motor. Motor can be found here. Would like to either use These 18650 cells, or These LifePo4 cells.

    ​Not really sure if I should use a 24s, 28s, or 30s configuration. Guessing the 30 would be best, but does this cause issues finding other stuff I need like a BMS or ESC??

    If anyone could help me design the pack, I think I can build it from there.

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    waste of time
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      Appreciate the honesty. I'm having issues with finding a group that is building what I'm trying to do. This is going to go on my little john boat to use as an air boat. Only reference I have is a guy on YouTube, but he is trying to sell his so doesn't disclose information. His is claimed to be 25kw motor, and it has enough thrust. SOOO I figured, hey 35kw should definitely have enough then lol. Im honestly just not sure how many in parallel I need to say run it for a good half hour. Is a pack that size to big? How do I configure the pack? Not really worried about size of the battery pack. Just want it made correctly. Planning on using individual fuses on each cell and overall BMS and ESC.

      Lets say I use the 18650 cells and go with a 28s, and the motor is rated at 120a continuously. 120a/5000mah=24 so would a 28s24p be sufficient to run it for an hour?

      I understand the items in this project are cheap/old, but on a limited budget and honestly just trying to have some fun.

    waste of time
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      I don't really understand what you're specifically trying to do but, here are a couple places I would look.
      Grin technology has a marine engine replacement kit made out of a hubmotor.
      We’ve also adapted our All Axle hub motor with special high RPM windings and mounting hardware to power propeller shafts in marine applications. This system is primarily geared at those retrofitting sailboats with aging 8-12 horsepower inboard diesel engines. This kit is currently in development / pilot stage.

      And there are some 40A 21700 batteries on sale here. Maybe 3x48V.
      I own a 48V 24AH battery but haven't seen them since 13s 5p 21700 will do it. Someone on Aliexpress will probably build some for you.

      Running a lot of electricity (30Ax120V?) in an aluminum boat sounds kind of risky to me. Aircraft propellers don't make it any safer either.
      Maybe just get one of these and call it a day.
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