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What is the terminology?

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    What is the terminology?

    Hello, I am trying to find terminology/nomenclature of the parts to find schematics/design notes.

    Most BLDC controllers I have seen are like "part-A"

    I am trying to find names, terms, phrases for part-B. I am trying to find design references, or schematics.

    Can anyone help?
    Thank You.​

    Most of the 'e bike' systems I have seen B and C are combined and B would just be the display and not the connection hub for anything except maybe the power switch. In your layout I would guess the layout would be sort of motorcycle like where the battery would be in the traditional gas tank area and in this case the B stuff is also in the 'gas tank'? I'm for sure no expert on these things so maybe that is a common layout, I just have not seen it. The only logic to that layout I guess would be you get the heat from the actual motor controller away from the battery and other electronics.