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Has anyone installed an electric motor on a DUAL SPORT 1-3 series trek bike?

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    Has anyone installed an electric motor on a DUAL SPORT 1-3 series trek bike?

    If so, I would love to learn from your experiences. Which motor did you mount and which battery did you choose, and are you satisfied with the result?

    Thank you for your replies....

    Just took a quick look at a random model on Trek's site and the one I looked at at least had some good signs when it comes to a mid drive like a BBSHD. They never give us pictures that would really tell us but at a glance the back wheel not touching the seat tube is a good sign along with not especially wide tires. This means the chain stay doesn't likely have to bend out as far or as soon as if the tire was closer and the tires were wider. The other good sign is that at last the one I looked at looked to be a 3x drive which is what the BBS's were designed for.

    Basically the gear case takes up the space of the first 2 rings leaving you with the 3rd one which should in theory give you all the rear gears still. Newer 1x designs or wider tires may not leave enough room for that gear case which means you have to space it out just to get it to clear the frame and you still can't put the chain there so if the chain was designed to be in that area you will likely loose the lower gears because the angle will be too great.

    Battery looks like there is reasonable space in the triangle unless you need a smaller frame and want a larger battery.

    I really don't know a lot about hub motors, for those Grin in Canada is the place for all the information and quality stuff.