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Voltage Drop On Climbs -- Concern?

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    Voltage Drop On Climbs -- Concern?

    So I'm enjoying the heck out of my Trek 8000 BBSHD conversion. I'm generally in pedal assist but occasionally wimp out and grab the throttle. I have been using the bike for local commutes-- who knew a trip to the hardware store could be fun? But to get home, there's a fairly big hill to climb and the grade elevates well over 10% if I go a certain way.

    I notice that the voltage drops significantly on climbs. This is not out of the ordinary, as I've learned snooping around e-bike forums. I assume this load and drop isn't great for the battery-- but it has me wondering at what point do you have to lay off?

    The bike doesn't struggle at all. I'm happy to sit in my lowest gear when throttling up a climb and keep the rpms up-- I don't abuse it. It still climbs at over 10mph, even in the granny gear.

    I've got the Killer Whale 48V 17.5 ah pack. I'll probably go 52V when this battery dies and purchase a triangle pack. I was trying to maximize range when building this bike, and figured the 48V would offer greater reliability, but seeing this drop and my need to handle tough grades-- the extra juice would be nice next time.

    Thoughts on voltage drop?

    The main thing is to use your gears and don't let the motor labour.