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All XT90 connectors are spark resistant?

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    All XT90 connectors are spark resistant?

    The photos and description are somewhat confusing. All XT90 connectors sold at Luna are spark resistant? Or, only those with some green parts? How XT90 and XT90-S are different?


    Be very careful when ordering. You can buy spark-resistant XT90's in yellow or black, but...Luna also sells NON anti-spark XT90's. They also sell bare XT90 connectors (no wire added, like the desirable pigtails), and also the smaller XT60 connectors.

    XT90-S anti-spark pair, yellow, with pigtails ($5 set)
    xt90 s connector for ebike packs. Top of the line spark resistant connector. No solder needed

    Same thing, but in black for $7
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      spinningmagnets Thanks!


        I'd better use a spark-resistant XT90 for connecting Shark battery pack to Bafang motor, right? I wonder why this kind of simple spark resistance is not in BMS.



          You don't have to, no but I would, at least if I needed to install a new connector anyway.

          "Why not in BMS.....?"

          An anti-spark connector contains a pre-charge resistor which relies upon the slight delay that occurs while you plug the connectors together. There are 2 sequential contacts on one side of the connector; it connects one before the other. During this time, the motor/controller unit is brought up in voltage 'slowly' through this resistor, to reduce or eliminate the spark.

          This is more complex and expensive if executed in the BMS, and introduces another potential failure mode there, but it can be done. Since it's cheaper and easier to leave it out, and not actually necessary for the bikes to work, it's not a common feature. Users can upgrade easily enough if they want to.

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