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Bafang DPC 18 colour display

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    Bafang DPC 18 colour display

    Hi Guys

    I am very new to eBikes. I live in the UK and as such we have laws which suck when it comes to electric bikes. As such we are limited to no more than 250w and we cannot have any kind of a throttle. The electric motor comes in to assist (pedal assist)

    Anyhoo I have decided to purchase a UK/EU legal Coast Cycles Buzzraw E250 and whilst awaiting my ride to get here I have gotten my eyes on the Banfang DPC 18 colour display. I believe my bike comes with the black and white C961 display. The Buzzraw I have purchased comes with the rear hub motor not the bigger mid mount. So my question is will the new DPC 18 colour display retro fit.

    Thanks for any advice


    I would hazard a guess and say yes but the dpc14 may also be a good option.