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    Suggestions for a kit

    I am interested in suggestions for full kit conversion for my fatbike here. Has anyone built this bike up before ? I know the BB is wider. I'm a total rookie and this is my very first step. Any and all advice is welcome.

    Sure, a BBS-02 or HD, or Cyclone, kit has been fit to very similar bikes by many members. If that has a standard bottom bracket design not more then than 130mm wide, Luna will have a kit for it. If an unusual BB configuration, it could be difficult or impossible, but that's the main thin to check, first. Read the bike spec page, read the kit product page, make sure they are compatible.

    The usual suggestion for a fat bike kit always seemed to be a BBSHD, with BBS02 ok for mild use, and Cyclone for the most power. But, that was before the Luna Ludicrous BBSHD came out. BBSHD is still the go-to fat bike kit, but now, I'd pick a Ludicrous BBSHD kit for the higher-power option. In fact, I did, for one of my bikes, and I absolutely love it. I've never ridden a Cyclone so this is perhaps arguable, but I don't need more, and I like quiet and clean.

    As long a your bike has a compatible BB: Matching the bottom bracket width, and checking chain alignment or adjusting it with shims and alternate front sprockets, are the most user-demanding parts of planning a build. Fortunately, we have lots of examples to look at.

    Dive into the DIY Builder' Section and see what you find, there. Search that section with your bike model, and see if anybody else has already built one. Do the same for Google.
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    Fabrication is fun! Build something today. Show someone. Let them help. Inspire and share. Spread the desire.


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