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1972 schwinn double top tube Cafe style mid drive

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    1972 schwinn double top tube Cafe style mid drive

    I have this vintage schwinn I have put thousands of miles on since I was a teen and I also have this new job 19 miles away with roads easy enough to ride without any highway or freeway miles. I suddenly want to build a cafe-esque ebike with it and need advice. The worst part of the ride is coming home up a very long 12 mile climb with twists and turns. I weigh about 195 with a back pack and the bike weighs about 45# as is now. I have regular 26 inch wheels with 2.35 regular 26 tires(no s7 size anymore). What would everyone recommend to do this conversion and how to do a mid drive with old style cup bb? It is not the new standard Euro bb like nearly everything modern has. I want to go fast, like at least 30, I don't care about legality of it because im on all back roads. And I have a rear cargo rack to mount batteries or can carry them in a backpack. As with everything price is important. Please shoot me your best ideas.

    For the old style cup see for an eccentric Ashtabula to BSA adapter. Here's a build that might interest you:

    That's a beautiful area you live in - with that terrain, I'd improve the bike's braking ability as much as possible.
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