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Solar panel powered ebike - charge the battery or connect the power to the motor?

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    You could explore options like connecting the solar power directly to the motor alongside the battery, but this may require more complex wiring.


      Making a solar trailer for your ebike sounds like an exciting project! Connecting the boosted solar power directly to the charge port of the battery is a common approach. This way, you can keep your battery topped up without worrying about overcharging. Constant charging and discharging can indeed affect battery life, so it's essential to monitor it carefully.


        Originally posted by Rebroholm View Post
        You should plug the solar power into the battery to charge it. Batteries are designed to sustain energy power over long periods. Constant charging can damage your battery, but only if you let it discharge completely. It is suggested to recharge the battery once it reaches 45% to avoid shortening the life of your battery. If the battery is completely drained it can take between five and eight hours to recharge. Various batteries work differently with solar panels, so pay attention to the voltage and capacity of your battery.
        That's sound advice! Properly managing the charging cycles of your battery is crucial for its longevity.