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Cheap Amazon 26A Controller w/ 52V EM3ev 30Q Cell batpack

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  • MoneyPit
    Solder or crimp an XT90S directly to the red and black wire. If it were me I'd use marine grade adhesive step down butt connectors. Crimping vs. soldering is a bit like Ford vs. Chevy at a monster truck rally. Fans scream passionately for one or the other. Myself, I crimp. I've worked with those KT controllers quite a bit... not that 26a one, but 20's and 35's. The KT-LCD3 display gives you quite a bit of control over their output and is basically matched to it (I am assuming all KT controllers are compatible with their displays). The color KT-LCD8H is the fancier version of the same display.

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  • CoMoBiker
    I’m thinking those red and black wires to your controller are bullet connectors like my generic 36v DDRH kit came with. I think you could replace those with an xt90 plug. I’ve done some of my wiring with crimping tools and also tried soldering on some. I’m thinking that I like tinning then crimping as a good way to go. Soldering connectors often melts some of the plastic covers but a tinned wire seems to hold in a crimp better.

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  • Cheap Amazon 26A Controller w/ 52V EM3ev 30Q Cell batpack

    Hey friends,
    I'm taking on a rear hub motor ebike build as my first ev project. I'm mechanically inclined and have some experience working with cars but I am trying to learn how to make super-efficient transportation to offset (or maybe someday replace! electric drag racing is the future!) my gearhead hobby. Despite this I've never really worked on a bike before and have essentially no experience with electronics beyond building a desktop computer a number of years ago.
    I ordered a AW 1000W hub motor conversion kit from amazon. I ordered a 52V 30Q battery pack from EM3ev capable of 60A max burst current hoping to be able to use it for a small electric commuter motorcycle if this works out. The amazon conversion kit came with a controller rated for 48V with low voltage protection: DC40+-0.5V The controllers "rated current" is 13A and the "max current" is 26+-1A
    My question is whether it is safe (primarily for the battery) to use this controller/battery setup.
    Also I've been curious what kind of power connector these blue plastic pins on the red and black may be. And how I may be able to connect them to a XT90-s battery plug. Could I just solder or clamp on a male XT90 connector matching the red and black wires to match it up?
    Thanks so much for any input, I appreciate y'all!