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Full-suspension Fatbike Assembly Questions (Carbon, 120mm BB, BBSHD)

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    Full-suspension Fatbike Assembly Questions (Carbon, 120mm BB, BBSHD)


    I am in Europe and am intending to put together a full-suspension carbon fatbike with BBSHD and other bike components that I find interesting.
    Primary use would be roughly 70% of road/asphalt/gravel riding and 30% mtb/forest/landscape trails.

    The BBSHD has been ordered and I am awaiting shipment.
    No bike parts have been ordered yet.

    With the help of this thread I would like to put together a complete list of bike parts that I need to purchase, so that when I start assembling, I can do it in one go without waiting for additional missing parts.
    I have never put a complete bike together before, so I don't really know which exact pieces are needed for the build, and also which ones come bundled as part of other products and which need to be purchased separately as individual pieces.

    Roughly I am envisioning the complete build to contain: (please read since I am fully open to different suggestions, and also my actual questions are listed under these points):

    1) Motor: Lunacycles BBSHD for 120mm BSA BB and with 52V battery and plus various spacers/install helpers (as mentioned, this is the only part which I ordered so far)

    2) Frame: ICAN SN04 carbon full-suspension frame (it has 120mm BSA BB) -
    2.1) Am I right that no extra pieces are needed to mount the BBSHD on this BSA BB frame? (except for spacers and install helpers which I already ordered)
    2.2) Looking at the image of the SN04 frame, it seems like the BBSHD will have to be pointed pretty much downwards/vertical, rather than being more horizontal. Is this a problem?

    3) Fork: The SN04 datasheet says: "RockShox Bluto Suspension Fork Compatible. 120mm travel. Tapered steerer tube. 150×15mm thru-axle hub spacing, 74mm standard post mount fork.".
    3.1) What's the top of the line fork compatible with this spec?
    3.2) Are there comparable forks I can get from Luna instead? (I am not clear which of fat forks from Luna would be compatible in this case (and some are currently not in stock))

    4) Rear suspension: The SN04 datasheet says: "use 200mm size rear travel, recommend Rockshox Monarch XX.200x51mm.".
    4.1) Is that the top of the line rear suspension that can be used here? Are there other/comparable products to consider?

    5) Brakes: I would like the complete brake set to be from SRAM, and to be mechanical disk brakes.
    5.1) What is the top of the line model for this? (Is it SRAM/Avid BB7?)
    5.2) Is using 18-20cm disks OK for this purpose?
    5.3) What exact parts do I need to buy here to equip the bike with everything needed for the brake system?

    6) Shifters/gears: I would like the complete gears setup to be from SRAM.
    6.1) What is the top of the line model for this? (SRAM Eagle? Which sub-model?)
    6.2) Am I right that with a BBSHD mid-drive, I only have one gear where the motor is?
    6.3) For the rear wheel, I would like to use a casette instead of an IGH. Is a 12-speed casette compatible/usable here?
    6.4) What exact parts do I need to buy to equip the bike with everything needed to have fully functional gears and shifting?

    7) Rims and hubs: I would purchase pre-assembled rims and hubs. The SN04 frame has 12x197mm Symmetrical Rear Spacing.
    I'd use ICAN carbon rims, 26", 90mm -
    (This package includes rims, hubs, and through axles so it seems I don't need to take care of those separately.)
    7.1) There is a choice on the above webpage between Shimano 10/11 speed and SRAM XD Driver freehub. Which one do I need (for an all-SRAM based build with a casette, as mentioned)

    8) Tires: I am thinking 26", 4.8" tubeless ready tires (but to use them with tubes for now).
    8.1) What exact pieces/parts I need to order to fully assemble together these rims, tubes, and tires into functioning wheels? Is some tape and glue/sealant needed?
    8.2) When tubes are used, do I inflate just the tubes or tires too to some extent?

    9) Stem, headset, handlebar, etc.: SN04 says it has tapered headtube.
    9.1) Which individual pieces/parts do I need to order to assemble the bar and join the fork, frame, stem, etc. together. Is it just the bar and stem, or there are more individual pieces like some rings, crowns, etc.?

    10) Crankset
    10.1) Do I need to look for fatbike-compatible cranksets, or it's all the same and I just need any one?

    11) Chain
    11.1) Which chain type/quality do I need?
    11.2) Any particular product recommendations?

    In addition to all of the above, it seems I need:

    - Saddle
    - Dropper post
    - Pedals
    - Grips
    - Some high volume portable pump
    - Chain lube (someone recommended "Pedro's Go". Advice for a comparable product which is easier to get in Europe would be good.)
    - Helmet
    - Front/rear lights
    - What else?

    Please let me know if there are any errors in my plan or extra notes/info I should know which are not included above.

    Also, please let me know in particular if I've missed to list any other pieces that need to be purchased separately/individually.

    Many thanks.
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