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Adapter for 90mm bottom bracket

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    Adapter for 90mm bottom bracket

    I have a Scott Scale 720 Plus MTB with a 90mm bottom bracket. The crank bearing is a Shimano BB-MT500-PA Press Fit Bottom Bracket - PF41-89.5/92-24
    So I have a plain no-thread 41mm ID shell.

    Please could you tell me what adaptor parts I need to order from you to be able to create a BSA/JIS 33.6mm shell to take a Bafang BBS02 500/750W (or do I need the BBSHD?)
    Many thanks,



      Thx Highvoltage. The spacers will get me from 90mm to 100mm, which is good for the Bafang 100mm kit.
      Presumably I still need a threaded 'cylinder' with an OD of 41mm and a ID of 33.6mm that fits inside the bottom bracket to screw the Bafang axle in to?


        HIGHVOLTAGE commented
        Editing a comment
        Those are not spacers that I linked you too. That is a PF41 Bottom Bracket adaptor. It's what you're looking for.

      Got it, my mistake.

      Two things if I may.

      Firstly my 90mm bottom bracket will presumably need some spacers to make up for the BBSHD 100mm width. Can you recommend a source for spacers?

      Secondly, I note the PF41 bottom bracket adaptors don't have internal screw threads. I was under the impression that the standard 100mm kit came with an axle that required a thread. Or am I wrong, they are a press fit?

      Many thanks for your help.



        You may need two of these though to reach 10mm.

        The axle doesn't require threads to install, that's just used to identify the bottom bracket's type. The axle just slots into the BB and then uses the small teeth on triangle plate tightened against the frame to keep it from spinning.


          Thanks, they look brilliant!


            How did the build go? Any pictures?