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Will Luna Eclipse mate to 130 BCD 5 bolt Gates CDX sprocket?

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  • Christian Livingstone

    What about the $49 two-piece adapter ring?

    Click image for larger version

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    I mean, it undoubtedly doesn't have quite the offset of the Eclipse, but it looks ready to bolt a 130 BCD Gates ring right to it. And since you're using an IGH the belt line may be forgiving enough.

    Otherwise, yeah, it always seems a cool thing, to me, to doing something thats apparently never been done before, even if it doesn't seem marketable.

    But if there is a simple bolt-up solution, then some eBiker may consider a belt drive, even though most frames won't allow for a closed-loop drive, i.e., no master link.

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  • Eric Luna
    HI Alpinist,

    I have been thinking about writing a story about this subject...

    but its true....adapting a belt drive to work with a mid drive is no easy task.

    and what someone said about the eclipse is true is not your common 130 bcd.

    Just think of it this way.....what belt driven commercial bike is available on the market right now? iyes sondors thin...but that has a hub motor..which ebike belt driven has a mid drive?

    Even optibke does not have one and they sale for 17k....

    If you are thinking about creating a mid drive / belt drive it will only be worth the expense and time if you are gonna plan to bring it to market (which i encourage you to do)....

    if you do manage to make one and make it bolt on with the eclipe i promise to help sell them for you because i think there is a market for them.

    its not worth it if you are making just one just for yourself....

    and there is no easy off the shelf answer or it would have been done by now....

    but really encourage you to do it anyway :)

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  • Alpinist
    commented on 's reply
    Thanks for your help. I'm hoping I can work something out through purchased adaptors or maybe machining one myself if I have to. I can always keep the chain drive , it's dialed in and good chainline. A gates drive would be cool and hopefully a fun challenge

  • brucemetras
    Doubt that would work.. the Eclipse spacing doesn't look close to being compatible with 130bcd chainrings.. I don't think you'll have much luck going belt drive unless you can get a suitable 'chain/belt line' with the 130bcd or 110bcd adapters that are available to mount your Gates Sprocket.. problem, the belt will move outboard quite a bit at the bb .. so you'll need an extra wide rear triangle to get the cog to line up with the front sprocket.. the Wolverine looks to be a great frame for belt drive, but I'd mock up something first before spending all the dough on Gates drive .. happily, you already have the BBSHD, so will be easy to check for belt alignment issues..

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  • Will Luna Eclipse mate to 130 BCD 5 bolt Gates CDX sprocket?

    I am attempting a Gates Carbon drive on my second build (new Soma Wolverine frame and transferring most everything from my first build onto the new frame).

    My question is; if undo the bolts on the Luna Eclipse, remove the toothed ring, then attach the adapter section to a 130 BCD 5 bolt Gates sprocket, will that work?

    Does anyone have experience with putting a non-Luna chainring on the Eclipse?

    Thanks for your help and suggestions.