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bbshd on a specialized status DH

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    bbshd on a specialized status DH

    Hi guys was wondering if my BBSHD would work on this bottom bracket, the frame transition has a protruding piece that sticks out and also think i would need a small 30 tooth sprocket. Thanks for the advice

    Just about the most common question that gets asked. You'll probably need to grind down that notch or else it probably won't fit assuming you have the correct bottom bracket type.

    If you're interested in choosing a different chainring, you'll definitely want to take a look at our offset information guide jhere. Since they all have different offsets, some are only best with proper spacing and a straight chainline. It's usually best to just go with the Default Stock Ring or 42T Luna Eclipse ring for the most reliable setup until you've judged what your chainline looks like first and what kind of potential spacing you can use for smaller or larger rings.

    Here's an example of a bad chainline using our Mighty Mini 30T improperly, This chainring is known to be the most problematic without proper spacing due to it's mostly flat design that doesn't offset the chain very much:

    These types of issues can cause noise problems, chain wear, chainwheel rear which all lead to chain skipping/falling off and getting jammed up in the motor. Not good.