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Tall Rider Fat Tire Bike Build Suggestions

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    Tall Rider Fat Tire Bike Build Suggestions

    Hey everyone. I am 6 foot 6, 220lbs with a 36inch inseam. I just cracked my second Rad Rover bike frame in the past 9 months. I also love to ride single track and would like to get a fat tire bike. As a tall rider, I am getting lots of conflicting information on fat tire bike fit and I could use some help deciding on a bike to purchase.

    The bike will be used for my daily commute of 15 miles on pavement. During this daily commute, I use it as a resistance training workout and I like to use clip pedals so I will need to be at the correct seat height to prevent knee issues. I really like to pedal. I will also use the bike for single track and off road on 1-2 rides per week. While converting looks difficult and I am not sure I will do it yet, I'm looking to install a bbshd and a sharkpack battery. I am hoping to also install a bluto fork and utilize tubeless tires as well as a suspension seat post.

    Here are my top choices on the research I have done so far. I would really appreciate some feedback on the bike picks below or other donor bike suggestions.

    Surly Wednesday (new online)
    2018 Trek Farley 5 (used)
    Motobebecane 2019 Nightrain (bikesdirect new)
    Gravity 2019 Bullseye Monster (bikes direct new)

    Thank you!
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    I'm 6'6" 250lbs. Clearly, a fat bike will give you resistance training on the road. I'm a DYI frame builder myself because I have 39" inseam. What I look for in bikes are geometry. 75-77* in seat post and 17-17.5" in chain stays. The rest just determines what kind of riding in the head angle because of type of fork. But that's just my preference. My suggestion is steel or Ti frames. Since resistance training is the goal, steel frame will be 3-4lbs heaver than Ti. Ti on the other hand will make the ride even nicer.... and if you're going to put an Cyclone or Bafang motor on it, I'm a little puzzled why the fat bike desire here?