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Cube Analog 27.5 '14 mod. mid-drive conversion questions

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    Cube Analog 27.5 '14 mod. mid-drive conversion questions

    The bike I owned for the past 5 years and I am using it occasionally for leisure and exercise, because of some professional changes it is time to use it as a commuter bike.
    The bike is 27.5" with urban tires from SCHWALBE (BIG BEN) for smooth rolling and reduced bumbs. The chain set is 22T-32T-44T and the cassette is 9 disk 11- 34T.
    The area I am going to use it is mostly uphill and the distance is about 5km.
    I have already made some research and I finalize that the type of the kut i am going to set it will be mid-drive kit, but still I have many questions...
    1. What is more important? Voltage or wattage? What is the main difference between i.ex.36V vs 48V in same watts ?
    2. In PAS mode (which exclusively i want to use ) it is important to add a gear sensor? And what about brake sensor ?
    3. The gear ratio. How many teeths of chainwheel it will be preferable?
    4. The chain line a big issue... Which chainwheel offset is less harnful?

    Thanks in advance !