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Can I fit BBS02 to my folding bike? (Picture with measuring tool added)

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    Can I fit BBS02 to my folding bike? (Picture with measuring tool added)

    I love this bike because it can go on wheels still when it's folded. Getting in a tight elevator, being on a escalator, dragging it when walking indoors is pretty easy.

    I don't want a hub motor because I bought a hub motored folding bike before, I returned because it was not easy to getting in a elevator with that bike. I didn't like the way the pedal asist steps in with that bike also, there was a huge latency after I started pedalling.
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    It looks like it might might remeasure that bb width with a solid ruler but it appears to be about 67 mm across the shell...which should be good. You might have to get creative with that loop attached to the shell. You might have to grind off some metal for motor clearance or maybe swing the motor down under the shell.


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      Thank you. That stuff beats me. I better go to the only company in Turkey that fits Bafang kits. 280 miles road trip is on for me :) But they say the 750W BBS02 has 120Nm of torque. Aliexpress sellers say the 750W BBS02 has 160Nm of torque. There is a newer version on Aliexpress? And I think I need 52T chain wheel because the bike's original chaing wheel is 52T. If they fit something smaller, I lose some top speed I think? Which I don't have plenty with 20 inch wheels.