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    Conversion Help

    Hi this my first post and i'm probably going to reveal myself as completely unclear on the concept, but i have to ask because money on the line.

    I have an old 24v bike i want to convert to lithium batteries. I ordered 30 samsung 2500mah cells from ebay because that's what i could afford. My intent being to build a 7s4p battery. So questions are,

    1.) Is this going to be woefully inadequate for a motor rated 400 watts?
    2.) If it will work to get me back and forth to the store and later i decide i want to double my capacity, can i simply build another pack and charge it in parallel or will i have to rebuild the pack?

    Sorry for jumping in with questions i might have answered by reading but i've got browser tabs open on ebay and amazon, trying to figure out how to allocate my money and if i can even afford to do this. Thanks for any advice.