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Connect PAS to controller without PAS connection?

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    Connect PAS to controller without PAS connection?


    I unfortunately bought the wrong controller on AliExpress when I had to replace an old one that had failed .
    ​​​​​​I am running and ebike with and old 8fun 250w motor .

    I bought This controller:

    I want to use a PAS and not a throttle .Is it in any way possible with This controller?

    the PAS i have installed is a three Wire model.

    Hi Victor Bruun,
    And welcome to the forum!

    It looks like Brain power labels it's PAS connectors with 1:1 accelerator, 1:1 PAS, or 1:1 assist or similar. So going by this, I would think you could use the connection labeled 1:1 accelerator with the Red, Black, and Blue wires.

    A PAS connection as you mention has 3 wires. 5vdc power positive, 0vdc power negative, and sensor signal. On the controller I would speculate that Red is 5vdc(+),Black 0vdc(-), and Blue sensor input. Please verify first. Hopefully you have the wiring diagram for the existing PAS sensor.

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