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Sempu Torque Sensor compatibility with Bafang kit / General help with new build

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    Sempu Torque Sensor compatibility with Bafang kit / General help with new build

    Getting ready to convert my old 24 speed steel frame mountain bike to an e-bike so I can more easily tow a my 6' 2" 200lb. body, plus my toddler in a Thule trailer, through hilly areas without blowing my knee out. (My old knees have trouble even without towing a toddler.)

    I'm pretty green to e-bikes and conversion kits, but I think I've settled on a rear wheel, geared, hub motor, so my bike can work as closely as possible to its original configuration when without power. (From what I understand, direct drive motors have drag when not powered, and mid-drive would convert my 24 speed to a 8 speed.)

    I've been looking at this kit ("26 DC 850C" option, pairing it with a 48v 17.5Ah battery):

    After further research, I think I'd prefer a torque sensor, like the one below, to a simple PAS:

    Anyone know if that Sempu sensor is compatible with the given kit? (The kit re-seller "GREENENERGY" doesn't know.)

    Am I going about this completely the wrong way?

    After further research, I see that the torque sensing TSDZ2 mid-drive has a chain ring upgrade options, allowing installation of a dual ring 34/42T, or 42/52T. If I use the 34/42T then replace my 11-28T 8 speed cassette with a 11-40T (or 11-42T, but harder to find), I'd still keep much of the range I had previously with my 22/32/42T.

    Am I correct in thinking that a mid-drive system would be better for dealing with ~6-8% grades than just about any hub motor?
    Is it possible to fit 3 chain rings on the TSDZ2?
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