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1st BBS02 build - Battery Choice. More Volts or More Ah

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    1st BBS02 build - Battery Choice. More Volts or More Ah

    Using 20+ year old Trek 7100 hybrid, 700 x 32 tires. Bike and me weigh 220lb. Using bike for exercise, 20 miles, 2 times a week. Mostly flat with few minor hills. 40+ miles, 1 time a week. I ride a road bike and can do 40+ miles; my pedaling with eBike is no problem.

    BBS02 750W kit battery choice:
    Dolphin 52V 11.6Ah ( Samsung 29E, 18650 cells )
    Jumbo Shark 48V 17.5 Ah ( Samsung 35E, 18650 cells) $100 more than Dolphin.

    From the battery info on, with pedaling at 20 mph, 52V 13.0 Ah and 48V 12.8 Ah battery with same Ah goes the same distance (39 vs 38)

    Analyzing the whole table, my rough estimate is 1.0 Ah gives 4 miles more.The difference between the 2 batteries is ~6 Ah. The 48V battery would get 24 miles more.

    But the articles also says during ride discharge, the 48V battery will be less effective than a 52V ride discharge.

    What do you think? Buy the 48V battery ?
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    The difference between two is of power and performance. From my point of view 52V ebike battery delivers more power and efficiency