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[HELP] Converting my GT chucker to an eBike

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    [HELP] Converting my GT chucker to an eBike

    Hello guys,

    I was hopping that some of you could help me since i'm a total noob to the ebike world :)

    I currently have a 2007 GT chucker 1.0 like the pic below but with some modifications, i currently ride another backwheel and i reid single speed both front and back

    I really love this bike and i don't want to replace it but i want to take it to the next level and convert it to electric

    There are some base rules which are:

    -It must be rear wheel or mid (no front wheel motors)

    -The MAX speed should be at least 25mph or 40kph

    -It has to be 26" wheel

    -And i need at least a 19 mile range or 30kph

    -If possible under 1000€

    I'm open to all options and suggestions and i want to thank everyone of you in advance :)

    A BBS02 kit and a Shark Pack will cost about a grand by the time it's on the bike, and do what you want just fine. You'd probably get up to 30 miles without working too hard. 19 miles would be pretty easy, heck it might do full speed for that long, cruising straight and level.

    Where to fit the pack is your biggest decision, combined with which shape you want. Triangle in frame looks too small for much. Top of top tube, or backpack, are options, at least.

    For a bit more $$ the BBSHD is similar but tougher and faster, and heavier. In case you want to look at both.

    There's a mini Cyclone for similar cost, too, but not a beginner kit, so I left that one out for you.

    I'm assuming that bike doesn't have a strange bottom bracket design. You can find how to measure in the Knowledge Base, link at top of any page here.

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