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    New Build for hunting

    My question is what should I do,wheel or mid motor and 750 or 1000w. I'm around 280 lbs. Going to convert my current mountain bike over. Won't be going crazy amounts of distance but pretty hilly mountain trails. This will only be used for hunting so speed I'm not worried about. Even fine with going with a different size sprocket to make more torque if possible

    Mid-drives are much better at climbing hills with cargo. See my two speed rig: Then back up to the top of the page for the whole story.

    My Cyclone3000 motor pulls up to 1800w from the battery so I need a much larger pack [2kWh], but with my stump pulling gear it draws anly 1200w same hill. but I think you should get the next size up motor. It takes a lot of power to climb steep hills with cargo.

    224 Samsung 29E cells [or more]. Don't bother with the GA cells; less cells generates more friction heat in the cells when drawing that much power. The more cells you have the cooler it will run.

    if your planing to hual out a deer, that is at least another 100lbs I built my MtGoat cycle truck to haul 500lbs. But take it easy on the excelleration so you don't break the chain. And carry extra quik links, you don't want to get stuck walking.

    also check out this blog it has tons of stuff:
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      Also there is a lot of info about sprockets here you can now buy a regular 8 speed cassette that has a 42t sprocket on it. Which is what I am going to do next, giving me an even lower than stump pulling gear.
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        You might consider a single speed mid mounted motor if you don't want to shift gears. But to climb hills with 400 to 500lbs you do need a large gear reduction. Hub motors are not made for the kind abuse tha hauling a large total combined weight. However two of them together works ok.

        I was hauling about 500lbs [total combined weight] returning home from the food bank in the rain. Driving up a long not very steep hill [a little over a mile: 97.368Watt-hours]; the total trip of 3.9 miles took 262.87Wh [see image 57Wh/Mi]. Yet my controller never went over 40 amps, it stops at 40.3a.

        I like the Cyclone3000 I got from LunaCycle because it has a lot of copper in it that helps keep it from over heating. And so does the planetary gears. 6:1 ratio and then it goes to a 44t chainwheel [on the crank] from the 14t sprocket on the motor. Then to the rear cassette from the 40t chain wheel [on the crank]. That is where you can make even lower gears if you don't need the super low MtGoat gear I made. I use my lowest gear on one steep hill, and on the last hill driving up to my house moving slow, fully loaded; but it was worth the effort. Because my battery is too small for what I really need. And having the higher gears for the road gives me more mileage.

        If you can get by with only one gear reduction you can use a much stronger BMX chain. But my shiftable chain has not broken since I installed a new one. I think I may need a new chain twice a year. Hub motors have only one gear reduction: the wheel size, they waste more energy than any other motor when climbing hills with cargo. And geared hub motors have a limit to the size of gear reduction. But they do operate at a low RPM. If you use a hub motor and discover that it is slowing down to a hot temperature on any hill, you need a lower gear. Hub motors do not get rid of heat very well, like mid-drives do.

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