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Dual Hub Motor- Rear throttle, Front Pedal Assist.

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    Dual Hub Motor- Rear throttle, Front Pedal Assist.

    Hello All,

    I'm building a 2wd bike and can't find any build examples that don't look like a jumbled mess. I understand their aren't any dual controllers and most use two of everything and share a throttle. I was wondering if I could have the Front hub controlled by a pedal assist controller where the sensor is on the rear wheel. The rear wheel would be controlled by the throttle.

    I currently have a 36v 350w front hub and looking to add either a 500w 36/48 to the rear or a 750w 48v.

    My ultimate goal is to make it look very clean so if using an all 36v system and doubling up on the battery (currently have a 10ah) and running in parallel, i'll do that.


    Thank you :)

    Hi worldwidewille,
    And welcome to the forum! :-)

    I'm curious as to what end result your looking for? Traction with both wheels like in sand? Total torque, and/or speed ETC? Or the ultimate... cause it's possible and looks good! :-)

    Hey, great nic by the way... www.

    See my completed Magic Pie V5 rear hub motor E-Bike build HERE.


      Thanks! I got a lot of parts from a friend for a fwd bike but that's not my preference. Had I received a rear hub, I would have left it. So now, im going to make a dual hub.

      I have some property so some mild trail riding but otherwise, i just want a clean looking bike without dual throttles or displays, etc.

      and thanks!


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        I think you can make one throttle work with 2 controllers. As well as the braking systems working together. You need to have the controller's ground or negative battery cables connected and perhaps a couple diodes, keep this in mind. And a battery capable of adequately powering two systems. Depending on your controller, why have a display at all? Without using PAS, that would be possible.
        Interesting theory that you described for the PAS/throttle combo. But I would imagine you'd always have to be adjusting the PAS level on a display to make the front motor keep up with it's fair share of the load...

      It will never be in sync they will be battling each other. The pedal assist won't be as accurate as direct throttle IMO. So it will not have any performance benefits quite opposite surely. You're basically trying to get both of them to work together soo why not connect both controllers to one throttle? It may also cause you to crash if the front motor starts pulling hard in a turn or the rear motor pushes hard at the wrong time. Anyway, as they say, you will never know until you try right? lol