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Bottom Bracket Wrenches

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    Bottom Bracket Wrenches

    What wrench sizes do I need to tighten the two bottom bracket nuts on the 750W Barfang motor?

    Luna has the tools you need:

    Wrench versions sold elsewhere:


      I use these, A Hozan 210 and a Bikehand Shimano bottom bracket tool. Two best after a Bafang set.
      9 builds and no dropped motors. Blue loctite too!

      Click image for larger version

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        This is a critical tool for us in the Luna Lab to get feisty bottom brackets off.This along with the bafang tool kits is a must have for getting any bb off in quick time.
        Click image for larger version

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          The other option is, of course, and acetylene

        • spinningmagnets
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          acetylene is good for cutting steel, and can perform a wide variety of functions, but...if you want to save some money, and you only need to occasionally heat something up, an air/propane torch is cheap and easy.

        Luna has a new "custom" tool for this purpose:

        Designed by Luna, Made in California, and constructed using only high quality Stainless Steel, the Luna Wrench was designed specifically for installing and removing your inner and outer Bafang lockrings without scratching the paint.

        I purchased one of these tools during the July 4th Sale. It is still for sale for the same price 2 weeks later.

        I have submitted 2 separate reviews of this tool, and neither of them ever showed up. I didn't say anything bad about the tool, but I did note that the photo on the "For Sale" page is misleading. It looks like you are going to get a wrench with the cool "LUNA" name machined into the handle. What you actually get is a plain steel "No Name" tool, with kinda sharp edges that could use some smoothing off. I think it should be made clear in the ad exactly what you are buying, so customers will not be disappointed. I am sure it will work fine for the intended purpose.

        I'm a newbie, so I don't expect anyone to pay any attention to this post. I just think it is interesting that my slightly critical review of the tool never got published. No big deal.


          I think the crew is busy shipping and supporting sales and the posting of reviews, I'm guessing, isn't a priority until customers are taken care of. Try sending a note to support and ask for an clarification. Perhaps those guys polishing need to kick it up a notch. Management won't know if we don't tell them. Posting I the forum is the slowest way to get anything done. Kinda like hanging laundry in the rain to dry.


            Thank you, Louis, for your reply. I don't want to hassle anybody over this trivial matter. If my review finally gets posted - great. If not, no big deal. I'm going back to lurking, and learning from all the experienced builders on this Forum.


            • Rodney64
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              I flagged your post so im hoping one of the other mods who works for Luna has raised the concern

            I STILL think the Bafang sockets on a 18" 1/2 drive breaker bar are the whizz. Never a dropped motor.


              Also heard of putting the driver in a vise and rotating the bike frame.


                I use the spanner wrench that came with my bikehand tool kit. Works perfect, I have installed kits on two of my own bikes, and 4 for other people.


                  I have the socket and the long wrench that Luna sells for the bottom bracket nut; the socket probably works the best.
                  I don’t have a half inch drive so I used a pipe wrench to turn mine and it was very effective.
                  However the socket is kind of expensive.
                  My motor doesn’t move after thousands of miles.

                  On my latest build this weekend I decided to start with the Luna wrench and after tightening the nut as far as I could for some reason I reverted to old shop tactics and picked up a hammer and beat the side of the wrench until it had turned the nut about three quarters of a revolution.
                  I’m very confident this worked out to be as tight as the pipe wrench and socket combo; so seeing as the wrench was able to take the hammering this is a viable solution for those of us with only the wrench.