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Tools for Bafang Ultra Bottom Bracket/Cranks?

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    Tools for Bafang Ultra Bottom Bracket/Cranks?

    My cheap-o crank puller doesn't work with the hollow ISIS splined shaft on the Bafang Ultra, and a regular 16-notch 44mm bottom flat wrench is of not use since the lock ring is recessed.

    For crank pulling, would the Park Tool CWP-7 Compact Universal Crank Puller be a good option?

    For the bottom bracket would the Park Tool BBT-69.2 Bottom Bracket Tool work? I've heard from Luna that the Bike Hand YC-29BB-2A and YC-29BB will work, but I can't find those available anywhere in the US except for 2 month or more delivery waits. I think the only question on the Park Tool version is whether it's deep enough to fit over the splined shaft and still have enough capturing of the lock ring's notches.


    Having more space for your bikes in the garage is a great way to add convenience. We thought the same thing and decide to drill more shelves in our garage for all kinds of gear related to our bikes and still not have them deprive us of valuable space for the car and tools that we keep there. Quite a few DIY videos out there help you still or even make your own shelves, but not that many guides on which impact driver can choose. The only decent review I found was on, so if anyone else needs to know more about drills, feel free to have a look.
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