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    Neutral Cure RTV...

    Here's Neutral cure RTV that doesnt give off acid inside your closed up parts. Acid that will be trapped inside to corrode whatever is inside with it. Corrosion that will continue until every molecule of the acid is depleted. So its best NOT to put acid in with your stuff. Even plastic parts can be degraded in a continual acid environment. You can pay a kings ransom for this stuff if you wish. Or you can pay less than $10 for a tube on Amazon. And like all the other RTV, It will dry out if not used up. Good thing is that it works like any other RTV. So Use this on your electronic needs, then use the rest to seal out some cold weather leaks. This is not fast cure RTV, so it actually sticks better than all the acid stuff.

    Pretty much any RTV's labeled "sensor-safe" at most hardware and auto parts stores is fine for electronics

    E.g. the locally and very widely available and available in small quantities (I can't even use the 3.35oz in any reasonable amount of time):

    0.5oz -

    3.35oz -

    Most silicone RTV's it's always best to let cure fully before completely sealing up since they need to absorb moisture from the air to fully cure


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      Yea, probably so. But that caulk gun tube is way cheaper and I got plenty of house leaks for the leftovers. I used to be Autozone exclusively with the warranty they give. But now I'm into RockAuto mail order because its soo much cheaper on everything. They even have so many versions of parts that you can pick your quality level. I will be using that RTV to seal up all the "weatherproof" stuff I got that really aint weatherproof. So it will eventually cure, but the outside will cure quick and the inside wont be corrosive. And now people have links to help them out as best as they see fit. :)