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What's the best Bike Repair / Work Stand for heavy E-Bikes

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    I modified one of those cheap bench mount bike hands to clamp around a post under my car port. An instant hit and now feel I wasted a large part of my life attempting bike maintenance without one. Added those little side shelf’s recently too and they work a treat. My last planned mod will be some corrugated iron backing with tie wire to easily store tools


      I have a Bikehand brand stand from Aldi. No real thrills, but it supports my fatbike with BBSHD and a shark pack. My only complaint is the top support member needs a smear of carbon grip or needs to get cranked down really tight. Cant really complain for $30. I've seen them down to $15 on clearance.


      • max_volt
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        I finally ran up to Aldi and grabbed the last stand they had. I'm hoping good things.

      • Edwin
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        Bikemate brand not bike hand. Garbage, you get what you pay for. I will stick with park, thank you very much.

      Just got a park prs25 and I am very happy with it. Had an off the wall brand cheapy but it fell apart. To much plastic. Payed $269 for the park prs25 brand new and feel like I got a great deal. Works perfectly with my 70lb. Ebike. Ya git what ya pay for.
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        I have the park tool PCS-4. A bit pricey but very stable.