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What's the best Bike Repair / Work Stand for heavy E-Bikes

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    I modified one of those cheap bench mount bike hands to clamp around a post under my car port. An instant hit and now feel I wasted a large part of my life attempting bike maintenance without one. Added those little side shelf’s recently too and they work a treat. My last planned mod will be some corrugated iron backing with tie wire to easily store tools


      I have a Bikehand brand stand from Aldi. No real thrills, but it supports my fatbike with BBSHD and a shark pack. My only complaint is the top support member needs a smear of carbon grip or needs to get cranked down really tight. Cant really complain for $30. I've seen them down to $15 on clearance.


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        I finally ran up to Aldi and grabbed the last stand they had. I'm hoping good things.

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        Bikemate brand not bike hand. Garbage, you get what you pay for. I will stick with park, thank you very much.

      Just got a park prs25 and I am very happy with it. Had an off the wall brand cheapy but it fell apart. To much plastic. Payed $269 for the park prs25 brand new and feel like I got a great deal. Works perfectly with my 70lb. Ebike. Ya git what ya pay for.
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        I have the park tool PCS-4. A bit pricey but very stable.
        Trek Roscoe w/ BBS02, mt wheels, conti 700c tyres


          Originally posted by NOBLNG View Post
          I installed this winch lift post in my garage a few years ago so I wouldn't have to bend over to work on things like my snow blower. Last year I made this seat post clamp to clamp in my bench vise. Yesterday I realized I could plug it into my winch post and Voila! Zero lifting required!
          Inspired by your repair stand, i built one for my bike shop. Take a look (even if it is in french) at:


            For those of us on a budget (cheap) , this has worked out OK for me. Claims an 88lb weight capacity. (be sure to watch the video for a chuckle ) I haven't had a problem with it, though I haven't gone up to 80 lbs yet.


              Originally posted by gbouchard8 View Post

              Inspired by your repair stand, i built one for my bike shop. Take a look (even if it is in french) at:
              Very nice fabrication on that stand! I am honored that you were able to expand on my idea.


                I welded one up out of some scrap rectangular steel tubing I already had. I didn't get the balance point/center of gravity thing just right, to make it stable with a 70 pound bike one it, so I use a 16" long section of rail road track to ballast it. Crude, but primitive!

                For oiling my chain and light work, I just park the bike under my shop chain fall/beam trolley, where I leave a sling hanging from the load hook. I just raise the bike's rear off the floor a couple inches and then hook the sling under the seat. Then I use my throttle and first gear while goobering on some lube, with some scrap cardboard underneath to catch any runoff.


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                  I worked with a guy who was doing that with his motorcycle. Well naturally he ran his finger tips between the sprocket and the chain. He sure had funny looking hands.

                Hope this helps , it is a steel flag pole stand with a 1.25” diameter hole. Cost me 45$ on eBay with free shipping. You can mount your bike upside down by the seat post if you just use your straight seat post without seat attached into the base. You Can find heavier flag stands/ umbrella stands out there (May need to u see Spacers/shims) as well to accommodate bigger ebikes . You can use sand bags on base or just support the handlebars with something like a box. To get it up on the stand , first take seat off and make sure the seat post is very secure on bike. Then put flag stand (upside down) on top of seat post. Thrr Then hold back brake and carefully lift front end up but don’t let flag stand fall off the seat. Now while holding both the flag stand and The handlebar stem carefully Lean them back together further to ground ... tip (upside down) bike slowly until it either balances on its own or with help from a box under the handlebars. I will be using this for a 100lb + stealth bomber clone Frame ( which is very balanced at the seat post when upside down as this is how they put the bikes together on stands in China during the manufacturing process. Hope it helps.

                this is the title of the ebay listing I used .
                Swooper Feather Banner Steel 14x14 FLAT Flag Pole Base

                here is the link

                See pictures


                  I used a pole mount attaching a 'bike hand' this section of Lally post, which is loose fit so it pivots.
                  My hoist is two pulleys and a wide black Velcro packing strap. This works great for me.
                  Click image for larger version

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                    That’s cool, nice bike... I bet it’s hard to lift up to the clamp or no? Lol oh ok I see it now nevermind.
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