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What's the best Bike Repair / Work Stand for heavy E-Bikes

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    If I had a post in my shed or basement like some have shown here I think the Park PRS-4W-1 would be the way to go. Even better than the classic shop floor stand.

    I have a Park PCS-4 portable stand. Its Ok with lighter bikes but its flaws really show with heavier bikes. I find myself just flipping my bike upside down in the bars and seat to do basic quick work because its less hassle than using the stand. The one good thing about it is its got the original Park cast arm and clamp which I don't think can be improved on or beat in any way shape or form unless cost or weight is a factor. Its actually pretty strong and stable especially considering its a folding portable model. Where it fails is the clamping method for the arm rotation and the clamping between the sections which appears to be all plastic.

    Back in the 1900's I worked in a shop that had the real deal classic Park stands so maybe its a case of knowing there is better stuff out there? The rotation thing on the classic stands could be adjusted so that you had a sweet spot where you could rotate the bike without touching the lock and it would for the most part stay in different positions. If you were really putting pressure on something or needed it at an odd position where it just would not balance it only took like 1/2 turn of the lock or unlock and it didn't really take much physical effort to do it. This thing uses some sort of wedge in the end that will get snug ish for a really light bike to sort of work like the old ones but if you do need t lock it or have a heavy bike it takes several turns and a lot of effort. So much that you just about need two hands which doesn't leave one to hold the bike in position. Thought with some more use especially on heavier bikes it would break in but its still crap to use.

    The other part that doesn't seem to be able to get tight is the side to side part. Not that you are usually needing that to be that stable but I find this model to be terrible. At first I thought I just didn't have the clamps tight enough so I went tighter and all that happened is the plastic gets distorted. It slips both where the head clamps on and where it telescopes to go higher. Why it can go higher I don't know, I think its too high when its all the way down and may cut some off. I'm 6'2" and often end up clamping on the seat post and even at that it seems too tall.


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      Just had another bike and the stand fall over. Bike and stand are fine but the car it fell on got some damage. I think I'm gonna try putting a pin or screw between the plastic head unit and top section of the post. I have the clamp bolts so tight that the plastic has started to deform the plastic. At least a pin or screw should stop it from slipping there.

    I confess,I found a beam in the ceiling of the garage and have a big hook on a piece of web strap that I use to "float" the heavier patients.Blocking wheels is a thing too