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What is in your Solder kit? Where did you buy it?

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    Thanks for the Amazon link Louis. Prime too!


      Not the cheapest I have seen. They have a really cheap one on Amazon. But if you need it right now like I did, in stock at radio shack.


        I have been spending a lot of time with a very experienced electronics technician, and he uses these instead of crimping his own JST connectors:

        They are available in 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 pin. His argument against crimping your own connectors is that he has never seen these preassembled connectors fail. The downside is that the wire colors probably won't match your component's wiring, so you should use colored heat shrink tubing to avoid confusion.

        As for a soldering station, I am saving up for this one:
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        • Rodney64
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          I have never used a soldiering station and probably never will. The soldiering iron that i currently have is 80 watt. Its all trial and error and you need a good iron with a heavy head. my current iron is a Duratech TS-1485 80W,

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          Sure, if you like what you have and it works, no need to change.

          I switched from simple irons to a soldering station a few projects ago. One thing I like about it is that it doesn't overheat if left plugged in while work pauses, so it doesn't tend to cook the flux out of the solder or corrode the tip nearly as fast. Tinning on the tip last a lot longer. An unregulated iron can be used to good effect, but they do get way too hot if left on too long between joints. And, once you start the joint, it adds power as needed. It made soldering easier, for me.

          Mine was from Radio Shack on sale for $35 I think. You probably can't find that deal anymore, but there are others at around $40 that rate well. So not too much extra expense for even a single ebike build, if you don't already have something to solder with.

          I usually run mine at 660F with 60/40, unless I really need a fast melt for an XT90 or something, then I temporarily crank it to 750 or a little higher.
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        I can't get excited over changing to another connector. I'm going to solder my CA3 connections. As to soldering, given my low use, I'm finding the budget pens work well enough. Heck some station tips are nearly the cost of a cheap solder iron. I'm all for good tools but not needing a unit for lots of electronics work, I'm keeping my budget for goodies that make the ride more comfortable.

        Looks like a nice station considering what some cost.


          Good crimps are better than solder joints, especially in a vibratory environment. Adding extra joints to a wire is not the best way to go. I have not had failures with proper crimped joints. The manufacturers of the connectors don't recommend soldering, and they know their connectors better than anyone.

          A soldering station is for electronics work. PC boards and small stuff. It is overkill for a couple of wires, but it will work. They are temperature regulated which is good if they are sitting idling for awhile, they will not overheat.

          For soldering wires on the bike I use a 120V soldering pencil, not a soldering station. For soldering the occasional small wire a 25 or 30 watt soldering pencil is fine. The one I have has a pushbutton to jump it temporarily to high power which I rarely use.
          Alan B


            I've always used joining techniques similar to the old western electric standards. No failures


              I need an iron with auto shut off. My brain forgets to de-energize the thing then a few days later I feel heat and then cuss myself out.


                I have this knock off 936 and love it. I always thought I was a crappy at soldering, but it was really just trying to use a crappy wand style iron.
                I prefer the 900M-T-3C style tips.
                As the essential accessory for soldering task, they are of great significance. Except that, they are in compact size; room-saving and easy to carry with. Power Consumption: 45W. Station: 936 Station. | eBay!