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Upgrading the sprocket On the FLX

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    Upgrading the sprocket On the FLX

    For the FLX we recommend changing the stock ring to a smaller one for slightly less speed buy significant power increase.

    Please share with us your results in upgrading the chainring to help future upgraders.

    Hi Eric.

    My partner and I are 65 years old, and in good physical condition. We live on Pender Island, in the Gulf Islands of BC Canada. It is spectacularly beautiful here, but the roads have endless STEEP hills, and our driveway is a 400 foot climb at 25%+ grade! I bought two FLX Roadsters for Janet and I and they allow us to ride here, now as often as we like. But the stock gearing (and 36V battery) struggles on some of the hills and does not have enough poop to get us up our driveway when the battery is depleted. So we enjoy a final steep 'walk-up'. I've just begun exploring changing the stock 48 tooth chain ring to a 36/38 for increased torque in first gear. And I see that you have a 48V battery upgrade available - that would do the trick. Will the Benelli motor take that extra energy without burning up?

    I am a motorcycle guy and could repair/change anything on my motos. But I am just getting started again with modern bicycle technology and parts. I've emailed FLX Customer Service several times and they're responsive and polite, but the people in Customer Service know nothing about 'mods' for the FLX. So I'm going it on my own, and am glad that I discovered that this is a forum topic on Electrikebike Forum. Can you (or anyone out there) recommend a source / supplier for
    - suitable 38 tooth chain ring. I think it's 110mm - 5 bolt (FLX CS doesn't know) Can you confirm that?
    - chain ring removal tool
    - crank removal tool

    I love your products and the way you (appear to) do business. I am interested in knowing more about the LUNA 48V battery upgrade. I don't need the performance, but am interested in power to climb steep hills (30 - 180 seconds in first gear), especially when the pack in depleted. I don't want to overload or burn out the motor.

    Incidently, I understand FLX has just moved to the Bafang motor for their production bikes, which is more suitable in my view. Maybe LUNA will offer an 'old FLX' Bafang upgrade some time!.

    I look forward to doing business with you in the future - and meeting you in your new place sometime. To do that, I'll have to rdie my Ducati from Canada to LA!

    sailor sam


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      You can easily change the front chain ring, a 36T would work well 110 BCD 5 bolt. I went first with dual rings with just manual chain swap 36T/44T. Later I went with an SRAM DD3 3-speed rear hub with the stock 9 speed cassette and a 38T front ring to give me 27 speeds with super wide range, very happy now and can climb up a power pole or go fast on the flats. You can swap out front rings with only an allen wrench, no crank removal needed. The chain has a master link and is easy to remove to get it out of the way. I did buy a KMC master link opener tool.

      I did also purchase one of these Luna 48V packs. They are more powerful for sure, the display went from a max of approx. 675W to now over 900W. You can feel the extra punch however as with any over powered setup you must exercise caution. You must use throttle management and keep the Peddle Assist (PAS) levels lower most of the time like 2-3, use the extra watts in bursts with the throttle. If you just blast away with no regard, I'm pretty sure that the motor will heat up enough to go into thermal shutdown.

      I have only put on a few miles so far and the temps are normal with the method I'm using currently. I did mods to my lighting system as well to use more powerful lights and tolerate the higher voltage.

      There is an active FLX owners page on facebook "Ride FLX", that's where I've documented all of my mods and a good place to discuss this bike.
      Here's my gearing post;

    i went down to 40T and am really happy. if you want min effort up steep hills, would go lower, but I wanted to retain some speed :)