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Kids emoto style bike?

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    Kids emoto style bike?

    Since Sur Ron is under the commercial ebike header I figured I would put the this topic on this part of the forum. I have my 7 year old on an electric motorcycle so we can go on trails around our house. We live in an area in the country with lots of trails around. I have been riding my Luna X-1 and he has been riding his Razor mx500. This set up works surprisingly well for him. We can ride 5 miles all on trails at a pretty good clip. But he's ready for an upgrade so off to the internet we go! So far I have found OSET and have been thinking about getting one of those. The MX 10 looks great but would probably go with a 20.0 lithium. I have also looked at the KTM which is very expensive Ebike. Husaberg has a similar and expensive offering as well. while these are great, I think my son would outgrow them fast. I have been looking at the Kuberg too. Those seemed a little expensive for what you get. I like the OSET because it has dials for power and speed and he can grow in to it. I would not be looking at these if I only had one child. I have 2 boys and plan on getting something that will last and can be passed down to my other son. The razor is considered pretty cheap both in quality and price, but I have been impressed with the bike. It goes about 15 miles an hour and the battery seems to last a long time. My 7 year old is big for his age at 4'3" and about 58 pounds. We went on a pretty big ride with him and the bike lasted an hour of straight riding. For $500, we have definitely got our money out of it over the past year. I plan on putting training wheels on it and giving it to his little brother. Anyone else have any experience with OSET, Kuberg, KTM......I wish he was old enough for a SUR RON. If he gets any better I will HAVE to get a Sur Ron....HEHEHEHE. Then I can give him my Sur Ron in a few years and get a new one.....

    So funny, I too have the x-1 and I have a kuberg for my 7 year old boy. He rides the Cross Hero. Its getting a little small for him, but he really likes it because he can bail off and its small enough and lite enough to feel in control. He likes to do burnouts and spins in the dirt. I looked a long time at the oset, beta bikes. KTM, Husaberg didnt have theirs out when I bought my kid his bike (he was 4 or 5 at the time). I couldnt beat the value for the kuberg at the time, it was several hundred dollars cheaper than the beta/oset and finding a used one was damn near impossible.

    I upgraded the packs to lithuim (3 - 12v packs) 36v - 36ah. shaved like 15-20lbs and much better performance. The kuberg is adjustable for throttle response and speed limiter. Hes been on it so long now I have it unrestricted and he knows how to use the throttle wisely. But it will hit like 30 mph which he loves to do. And the battery lasts forever with him cruising around with me. All told I think i was around $1600 into the whole setup with shipping. The batteries were $300 alone, but worth it for sure. We have taken the bike on asphalt bike paths and "nonmotorized" trails and never got anything but smiles from people. We ride all over the place with my ebike and his emotorcycle.

    His peddle bike is a 24" specialized riprock which he loves as well. I think around 10 years old when he can fit a small frame Ill snag him a true ebike. My 5 year old is doing well on pedal bikes and will be introduced to the kuberg once she gets just a little taller and can put her feet down.