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LUNA X1 52v battery?

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    LUNA X1 52v battery?

    Does anyone make a 52 volt battery for the LUNA X1?

    Seeing no replies, I will take a swing - if nothing else, maybe it will get you a thread bump and more knowledgeable people can reply.

    Short answer is no - no one that I know of makes a 'drop in' 52V battery for the X1.

    Second answer is 'sort of' - maybe. If a person were willing to do some DIY work. There should be room in the frame for a 52V pack. If you are really good, there might even be room in the original X1 battery box. I pulled the end caps off and there are some spacers in there which could surely be modified to allow one more row of 4 cells. Though you might have to give up the battery level meter and relocate the on/off switch and charge port.

    Possibly even 3D print some new end caps for the box. I made one, but ultimately decided it wasn't worth the trouble as I felt the X1 had enough range/power as it is, and doubted +4V would make much difference for the effort. ...and you'd need to figure out something with the battery charger/controller, etc.

    Click image for larger version

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    As far as 'off the shelf' packs - unfortunately, it looks like the 52V square Luna offerings are a bit too big. These seem to be either 3-1/2" x 4-1/2" or 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" which works out to about 90 x 110mm or 90 x 90mm, respectively. Inside the X1 box is 66 x 74mm - considering 4x 18650 cells stacked tight/side-by-side are 65mm tall and (4x18) 72mm wide, it's a tight fit! Outside the X1 box is 72 x 80mm, so roughly 2mm walls all around. Possibly there is padding or bulk that could be removed from a square pack.