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Lankeleisi ebike major frame fault - very dangerous

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    Lankeleisi ebike major frame fault - very dangerous

    Hello all

    I want to share a serious word of warning for anyone looking to maybe buy an ebike from Lankeleisi.

    i bought a x3000plus 7 months ago from them. Last month it unexpectedly broke clean in 2 while i was cycling at 40kmph on a main road. Luckily i had no traffic behind me, and was lucky to escape a potentially fatal accident with only minor injuries to my leg thanks to my helmet. Since then Lankeleisi have been disinterested, first saying any repair had to be paid for, and then later suggesting they would replace just the frame with little acknowledgement of the products fault. This hasnt happened yet, but im of the mind that i wouldnt wish to use one of their bikes now anyway, knowing how lucky i was to survive the crash previously.
    Video evidence of the break below - my first youtube video ever. (turns out anger is a powerful motivator)

    Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube.

    Welcome to the forum. Heck of a frame break point, but glad you made it ok. It doesn't look like them shipping you at the least the rear frame section would break their warranty reserves.

    Just curious, how did you end up with a U.S. branded bike (that supposedly only ships to the North America market) as opposed to a local (Korean) brand?
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      Firstly theyve agreed to finally offer a full refund as they revealed in emails to me that they were aware of the fault and chose not to tell any of the purchasers about it as 'too few people had reported accidents'. Turns out that sort of admission gave me a strong chance of winning legal proceedings against them here in Korea.

      As for why i bought it here, most chinese goods are also sold here via importers. Heck most of korean goods are imported from china these days it seems.