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Electro and Company 5000 watt MX650 conversion.

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    Electro and Company 5000 watt MX650 conversion.

    Hi guys, I finished building an Electro and company 5000 watt Razor MX 650 conversion for my kid and thought it would be fun to share. I made a video series of the project. It's not the best but it shows pretty much everything. Here are two of the videos. One is the range test and the other is my kid's wheelie progress.

    I really wanted to post this because I was very hesitant after ordering this kit that I made a wise choice. It's a lot of money, and I thought the kit might not be that great. But here we are a few months later and I can vouch firsthand that it was a great purchase. This kit on this little bike is a heck of a lot of fun. Mind you the suspension sucks, so off-road riding is not great but we've been mainly using it on the street practicing wheelies and it's very smooth and good for that. My kid is 140lbs and I'm 230lbs and we both have fun on it.

    Here are the links to the two videos.
    Range test
    Wheelie progression