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X-Treme Rubicon 48V,10AH Batt/15Amp Controller/500Watt Bafang

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    X-Treme Rubicon 48V,10AH Batt/15Amp Controller/500Watt Bafang

    Hi guys,

    So the weather here in NY has only allowed me to enjoy a few night rides on this bike. I am really enjoying it; mainly because it's something that gets me out of the house..but it also has some decent power for a first e-bike. Decent torque pulls my 165 lbs. to 20mph pretty fast. Any prospective buyers..just don't buy the line, "Up to 45mph with pedal assist"..I'd be surprised if Lance Armstrong, after a hot dose, could get this thing to 45! Most I've seen so far with top gear and pedaling my ass off, is 27mph..which I'm good with, for now.

    I've read many times now, that you're better off starting from scratch, than trying to upgrade a factory built e-bike. But I'm going to ask anyway :) ..I cannot see a controller anywhere, as you would on a Sondors. Are the controllers integrated into the motors on some of these Bafangs? Model BFSWX02 48V500W (13) . Maybe I'm looking in the wrong spot, or it's integrated within the frame. But it would be nice to know if replacing the controller is possible. Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    The controller is in the front tube of the bike near the top of the tube. We have 2 of the Sedona 48v models, same as yours only lower step through. These bikes have been completely awesome and we now ride every chance we get. We ride a different section of the Erie canal trail and so far this year have been from Utica to Lockport. Yes, even through Palmyra! When I was asking the dealer I bought it from, (Eric @, I was asking about how waterproof they were and he said they were way up in that front tube. One thing I did very quickly was added full coverage fenders so no splash whatsoever on the underside of that front tube.