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    New to E-BIKE

    I haven't had a car for 15 years. I'm 73 and have two old Treks, a 7300 hybrid anf a 420 for exercise . I have an E-bike arriving Tues. I bought it so I can go shooting at what is called the " 7 mile hill range". I rode my hybrid there once. Took about an hour to get there and 3 to get back . The E-bike I bought is a Chinese generic described by a member of another forum as "clunky". The price of a more expensive ($ 2000) is way out of my social security budget . Bye

    Hey Randroid, welcome to the forum. There's a very wide quality range for/on electric bikes, not necessarily directly related to price! Treating it nicely (high heat and heavy water not good) may be the trick.

    I'm on a (slightly enhanced) social security budget too now, so e-bike builds go low/slow.

    Please post a picture of your new steed when you get it.
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