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25A Controller NOT compatible with Thin

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    25A Controller NOT compatible with Thin

    Subject says it all. In spite of a claim in the product description, tje 25A controller is definately NOT compatible with the new Sondors Thin. Even given the caveat that the battery connectors are not the same (a relatively minor inconvienance), the cable lengths are wrong for the majority of the cables, and mounting it with the cabls at the top blocks accss to the battery connector. The product description must be updatd.

    I know this because I just spent an hour disassmbling and then re-assmbling my Thin.

    Further research indicates that the following will be required to make the 25A controller plug-in compatible with the Thin with the new battery:
    - 6-8" control cable extensions for the brake and throttle cables
    - A bullet-to-4-pin battery power adaptor cable.


      No surprise, since the sale page reads..."Plug and play performance boost of Stock Sondors ebike"
      "Sondors THIN compatibility:

      Yes, it is compatible. However it is not a plug-and-play replacement like on the fatbike version, because they changed the wires on the battery. So you would need to add bullet connectors onto your battery, or change the connectors on both sides and put something like an XT-90 on there.
      Additionally, placement of this larger controller is more tricky than on the smaller 20A version. The Sondors Thin replaces the bottle battery with a triangle pack, meaning there is less room. This larger 25A controller fits if you mount it upside down, with the cables run along the top."

      I understand your disappointment. I'm certain the support team will work with you to sort.
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        My post was intended to highlight the fact that the above comment is insufficient and inaccurate in that it implies that the only problem with using the 25A conteoller was the battery cabling and that mounting would be "more tricky". Saying that "it fits" implies not only that you can physically mount it, but that in doing so, the cables are connectable, which they are not. Hence my post. You cannot say "Yes it is compatible" if it cannot be connected.



          I am curious if you tried mounting the controller upside down and run the wires on top as has been suggested by others. I am waiting on my thin and have the same controller and LCD already in my possession.




            Yes. Neither the motor wire nor the pedal sensor wire are then long enough.


              I can confirm what Steve SD says. I received the upgrade package today for my Thin (from Lunacycle.) Included were an LCD and 20a controller. I forgot the pigtail connector, and that should arrive tomorrow or the day after.

              All the controller's wires are on one side of the housing, whereas the original controller on my Thin has wires coming out both sides of the housing.

              I didn't jump right in and attempt changing the controller. Instead, I held the new controller up against the side of the original controller, and my first impression is it looked like the cables aren't long enough to reach all components.

              If I place all the cables facing the top of the housing, it looks like I'll be able to connect the brake and LCD cables, but not the battery cables or the cable leading to the motor.

              If I reverse the cables, so they're facing downward (with all of them coming out the bottom of the housing,) then it looks like I'll be able to connect the battery and motor cables, but then the brake and LCD cables will be too short.

              Aside from the above, the controller sent to me is rated 36v to 48v, whereas the one I ordered is rated 36v to 60v. It also looks to have an "extra" cable coming out of it...what it's for I have no clue. While there's no way I plan to run 60 volts through my Thin, I do feel I should at least have received what was advertised.

              To say I am NOT happy with Luna cycle right now is an understatement.


                WTF? I don't see any responsible and solution-specific reply from Luna on this. I am another recipient of a useless controller. I though Luna was the go-to vendor for this LCD/Controller combination.... Louis Luna acknowledged the problem 3 WEEKs ago, but I have heard nothing from Luna about the solution strategy.
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                  Has anyone gotten this problem resolved to date? Thank you for any information. Luna does not have support answering phone calls, and forces caller to leave message. Again... WTF?


                    I have seen a few folks successfully install on their thins by running the wire behind the battery rather than the factory routing. This is a pic of a successful install reported on the Sondors Thin Facebook page.

                    Click image for larger version

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                      All modifications take some creative solutions. That's all a part of making changes to eBike systems. If I had a dollar for everytime I had to step back and rethink the process I'd have enough for a hell of a drunk or mega meal. So many of the new folks who've purchased inexpensive under powered bikes expect that every add on be as simple as it was to buy the bike. I'm sorry it just isn't so. Wire to short? Add wire.

                      Every eBike builder on modifier does themselves a disservice by not learning basic skills like soldering and wire joining.


                        Hi guys so I can update the listing if you think the wording needs revision..
                        For the 25A version I have added to this line
                        This larger 25A controller fits if you mount it upside down, with the cables run along the top, or perhaps running wiring behind the battery, and if necessary extending some cables.

                        If anyone has better wording I would consider adding it. We know (most of) the connectors work, and you do not have to match the controller to the 36 potential halls combinations on the motor (which is the REAL hassle of matching a controller that's not designed for it).

                        I would also like to ask for any suggestions regarding the 20a version. Can you put it outside the compartment and have it work regardless of whatever perceived wiring shortfall inside of the compartment by simply routing the wires to the outside? I would assume so but would love to hear it from someone using it.


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                          Yes i think you have added enough Paxtana. The main thing you have added its not plug and play.

                        I agree with the earlier posters that Luna is doing its best. Just beware that selling stuff at cut-rate prices means limited support. The notion that they respond to problems and fix things "lighting fast" is just wrong. My experience is that it takes 2-3 weeks to solve anything, and that's if you press your case. If you want things to work all the time you need to order 2-3 backups for everything, that's what I'm learning. Ebikes are totally awesome but they're expensive no matter how you do it.


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                          Wow dude harsh..I am legit working 12 hour shifts trying to handle things with a staff shortage during peak season. Our being shortstaffed has got nothing to do with the low prices, it's just hard to find competent people who already know the ebike scene in and out. I guarantee if you run into a problem during January or something we can indeed support you lightning fast, when we probably won't be getting 100 emails a day.

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                          Not intended to be harsh at all and I appreciate the hard work. Luna is a dream compared to dealing with Chinese merchants, but all the same it's better to have realistic expectations. In my limited experience, stuff takes awhile no matter what time of year. I bought a battery in mid-Feb and it shipped without a charger, got in touch with support and 10 days later it arrived, only without a barrel connector which took another 10 days. Start to finish the order took over a month. My charger broke recently and it's more of the same, probably be down for two weeks. That's just reality so I'm going to order backups wherever I can find them.

                        Hi guys,

                        I would really not recommend the 25 amp controller unless you really know what you are getting into.....

                        wiring is the least of your worries....

                        25amps is too much for the stock motor and battery unless you really understand how to use that power wisely.

                        Honestly i think a plug and play 25 amp controller is too much...if you cant figure out the wiring what are you gonna do when you fry your motor and have to replace it yourself?

                        I think 25 amp controller is really reserved for advanced users only....and those who cant accept the hassle of a bit of wiring should not even try.....

                        its not worth risking frying your motor....a repair you will be not be able to get past easily. If you cant wire a controller i dont know how you are going to rewind a morot or r lace a wheel.

                        And sondors or luna is not reponsible once you make this choice of taking on a 25 amp controller. You dont need the extra me.

                        Unless you are upgrading the battery pack the 25 amp controller is useless anyway.

                        Send in the 25 amp controller for a refund....we can do that quickly.

                        Just stick with the stock controller or go with a 20amp controller which is smaller and plug and play.


                          I installed my Luna 25A controller today on my wife's Sondors Thin. Easy and works great. Not sure what all the whining was about here. I am only running the stock 36V battery so I left it at 25 Amps for now. I will post installed pics shortly.