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Sondors for ALL!

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    Sondors for ALL!

    Either u spend 1500$ buying a commercial bike which are mostly 250-350 watts, an average 36V 10Ah battery which looks good but you get bored sooner because you want to ride faster!!


    You build a DIY bike which has either the MAC, BBS02, BBSHD, Magic Pie and the hottest and cheapest powerful Cyclone and the bigger battery packs 52V 11Ah stuff which would also set you back by 1500$ but you have some of the best bikes in the market!!!!!

    For all of us the second option might make sense. Never mind there are people who do not have 1500$ (like ME!) and are just looking at builds and get jealous. For us we have the SONDORS.. yaayy i love you sondors. Because there isn't any alternative, the prayers have finally answered. the new sondors thin which has 100% Aluminium frame, Panasonic cells( Eric now you cant complain, you have to reduce the prices :P) and we also get to choose belt drive. That's awesome, i see people talking ill about sondors, you should just respect that man for trying to put so many people on ebikes which you couldn't do. Let the bikes talk for itself storm.

    Now i have a bike and then after 6 months or an year the battery dies out. Since it is a major investment and the fun of riding make the user go for a better battery and even upgrading it to MXUS or any fancy motor after an year. The 3Kw hub motor looks the best on this frame. Since the earlier fatbike from sondors was made of steel it didn't have much trouble to take so much power. So a lot of manufactures started selling kits for the sondors which is a good initiative. It is like upgrading from a 250cc bike to a 1000cc bike( yeah agree these are cuss words, couldn't find better analogy). Sondors has a love hate relationship however one thing is for sure you may love it or hate it but you cannot ignore it. That's sondors for you. Ciao
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    The Sondors looks like a pretty cheap build, even its $2000 model has grip shifter gear changing (Painfully old tech) and noname brand parts. Looks like a bafang hub motor, but the site doesn't say. I assume it will find a market share but it looks overpriced to me. Are you connected with the company Gopi?